Recordis Photography

From the Latin words “re” (repeat) and “cordis” (heart), translating into “Again by heart”

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Photos by Mariam Sitchinava from Tbilisi, Georgia. More at her website, flickr, facebook and etsy shop.


  1. Lolo:

    These photos are so beautiful!
    I love the colours and they have a real timeless quality.

  2. Mariam Sitchinava | The Paper Youth:

    [...] solo en análogo cosa que me apasiona. La puedes encontrar en webs magazines como Pupa Magazine, Recordis, entre [...]

  3. SoWiL(d):

    Mariam,you take my breath away….
    Simply love your Poetry & your Nostalgia….

  4. oswald:

    Nice! Beautiful style

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